How to sanitise your leather accessories.

Cleaning a leather bag

Disinfecting your belongings can help prevent the Covid-19 spread. That’s why, we want to show you how to sanitise your leather accessories.

This pandemic has taught us how to properly wash our hands. Why not learning how to disinfect your prized possessions? Experts insist that hygiene can be essential and careful now more than ever.

You can clean your leather bag using disinfectant wipes for the exterior or applying a small amount of hand sanitising gel and clean it with a cotton or tissue. Important: don’t forget to wipe the base, handles and hardware! Inside, you can use a soft brush to remove dust. However, you can easily damage your leather bag if you don’t use the right product. Please, check before using any disinfectant that it does not have any solvent ingredient.

Moreover, with regards leather types, Nubuck or Suede should not be cleaned with any sanitiser as the “hairy” finish may be badly affected. Alternatively, Ozone or UV light would be great options as they do not make any harmful reaction with any leather.

Some stores are betting on more advanced options to ensure the cleaning and disinfection of their items . For example, UV sterilization lamps is a fast-growing option to prevent the coronavirus spread and it’s really effective on any surface. Ozone closets are another innovative alternative. Scientists considere Ozone to be a killer of viruses in Nature. Why not use it to kill Covid-19? Ozone has been used by people for the disinfection and sterilization thanks to its strong oxidablity.

We hope this post “How to sanitise your leather accessories” will be of great help. To know more about Bentagible and Leather Industry click here.

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