The Fashion Industry after Covid-19

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Covid-19 came without an appointment and hence, it was not expected. We don’t have any recent historical background to face this situation either. That’s why uncertainty is the most used word in the future of Fashion Industry. Consequently, brands, designers and manufacturers are wondering: “what is happening with fashion industry now” “How will it change after the pandemic?” Keep reading to know more about this topic: Fashion Industry after the pandemic.

The impact of the pandemic cannot be quantified yet. However, experts say that consequences will be dramatic. Many companies have had to suspend their activity because of the virus spread. Some of them have carried out social actions and many manufacturers have diversified part of their production to make sanitary material.

We need to stay positive more than ever! This crisis can be an opportunity to change and think in a long-term strategy with more flexible structures and an open mind. We have to be able to attend the market demands. In addition, some people think that it will be a change in the way how people consume. A more responsible consumption that bets on quality and design. On the other hand, some of them believe that we will be back to our usual consumption habits.

Fashion brands have reinvented themselves and launched online campaigns during this quarantine. One example is Rejina Pyo, this British Fashion Brand launched #MyRejinaPyo competition on their social media where they challenged his followers to show their creativity.


As a matter of fact, Covid-19 will change our lifestyle and society as we have known it until now. Especially, the Fashion Industry will be affected during and after the pandemic. However, we will remain optimistic and flexible to try to do our very best to to continue doing what we are passionate about.

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