How do Fashion Houses communicate in coronavirus time?

Coronavirus communication
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We spoke about “The Fashion Industry after Covid-19” in our last post. Today, following this topic, we want to show you some goods examples of how Fashion Houses communicate in coronavirus time.

Toni Segarra, one of the most influencial advertisers in Spain, tells us in an interview on what are the keys to communicate right now. He assures that 2020 will not be a good year for sales communication. He believes that Fashion Brands should communicate by doing. In other words, trying to help and offering value to society. Nowadays, the most important thing is to be close to your customers and make facilities.

One example of how fashion houses are helping in this crisis is the LVMH group. They adapted three of their factories to produce desinfectant gels that they will donate to hospitals. Spanish brands like Uterque have opted to offer free shipping and have extended the return time. All these actions are good examples of how Fashion Houses communicate in coronavirus time and how they can respond to this pandemic. Brands must be empathetic, transparent, creative and look for new opportunities.

In conclusion, this sitation has changed the way we consumed and lived. All, together, must to rethink in new formulas to sustain the fashion industry and improve it.

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