Questions you should ask a leather goods manufacturer

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If you are starting up a fashion brand, we know that you will have many questions about how a manufaturer works and thinks. At the beginning there are many doubts and insecurities. As a leather goods manufacturer, we know that transparency and honesty are to important things for a good business relationship. Therefore, in this post, we’ll tell you what questions you should be asking and what important information you should get when meeting a leader goods manufacturer. Questions you should ask a leather goods manufacturer:


Leather goods manufacturers have their own processes and production organization. You must find out how they arrange productions in their manufacturing place.


Time is very important in the fashion industry. You need to have a schedule for sampling and production. Your manufacturer must know your key dates for your projects so that you, together, can agree on delivery dates for samples and production. These dates have to be reasonable considering the time of each process. Therefore, a key factor here is PLANNING.


You must find a manufacturer that fits your order volumes. That’s why the majority of leather goods factories set a MOQ.

Prices and Payment Terms

Your Leather Goods Manufacturer needs to have a clear picture about your company, the collection and your future plans. Building up a trustful relationship is the key as your manufacturer may help you achieve the best price possible for your collection.

In general, each company has its own payment method. You must find out about this too.


Singing a confidentiality agreement can help build trust between the two parties. This contract assures that nothing developed by the manufacturer will be shown or shared.


Selecting the best types of leather for your styles is important to achieve the touch and feel you want. You may also want to ask your manufacturing partner for help here too.

Sewing machine
Sewing machine

In conclusion, there will be quite a lot of questions before launching a leather goods fashion company. However, you must focus not only on the product part but also on the relationship with your manufacturing partner. We hope that these “Questions you should ask a leather goods manufacturer” have been useful.

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