Embracing Authenticity and Sustainability: The CRUSH Leather Goods Philosophy.

Belen Rosado, a seasoned professional in the realm of fashion design and development, brings a wealth of experience garnered through years of dedicated work within various prestigious companies specializing in fashion brand development. Having delved into entrepreneurship while juggling the responsibilities of motherhood, Rosado gained comprehensive insights into the intricacies underlying brand image creation and the challenges of upholding these values in an era dominated by the rapid turnover of fast fashion.

CRUSH Leather Goods Joy Bag

Post that period, the desire to showcase her amassed creativity and expertise led to the pursuit of crafting uncomplicated and pragmatic designs tailored for contemporary women. When queried about the motivation behind venturing into bag design, Rosado elucidated on the aspiration to empathize with modern women, considering their authentic needs and contemporary values, seeking products that seamlessly complement their daily lives.

When asked about the defining values of CRUSH, Rosado emphasized a commitment to creating pieces steeped in genuineness, employing top-notch local materials and luxury craftsmanship, all while maintaining an accessible price point. The name “CRUSH” holds symbolic significance, drawing parallels to a profound infatuation or a ground-breaking romantic inclination, echoing the brand’s ambition to evoke a sense of uniqueness and captivation upon first encounter.

CRUSH Leather Goods June Bag
CRUSH Leather Goods June Bag

The dedication to craftsmanship in their production is underscored by Rosado, who venerates the rich heritage of artisanal techniques passed down through generations in UBRIQUE, a town renowned globally for its leather goods. Each bag undergoes an intricate and painstakingly handcrafted process, elevating it to the status of a miniature masterpiece. In a world increasingly inundated with fast-fashion trends and low-cost production, CRUSH seeks to preserve and champion artisanal processes, believing that true luxury resides in such craftsmanship.

Sustainability stands as a cornerstone for the CRUSH brand, embodying an ethos of paramount importance. Rosado stressed the critical need for businesses and individuals alike to ardently champion the cause of environmental preservation. CRUSH places a strong emphasis on sourcing European Leather Group certified leather, demonstrating a steadfast commitment to responsible sourcing and sustainability. The brand advocates for sustainability through lifetime bag repairs, limited production runs to prevent overstock, and thoughtful material donation to local Artisan School, thus aligning with a conscientious approach toward environmental stewardship.

CRUSH Leather Goods Joy Bag

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