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Who we are

Betangible is a leather goods manufacturer based in Ubrique (Spain). We take care of all the processes in the creation of leather accessories so that the main ideas of our customers can come true (tangible). We have successful business relationships and testimonials in the fashion industry.

  • Mission: We are leather goods experts, specialized in prototypes, samples making and production of small runs with a comprehensive and professional service.
  • Vision: To make tangible the designs of our clients with a fluent and effective communication, creating a constructive feedback and a true cooperation between the parties.
  • Values:
    • Quality with special attention to details.
    • – Real trust and transparency, honesty and win-win approach to the projects.
    • Passion and enthusiasm.

Ubrique and its surroundings are well known by being the place where most of the most reputed houses in the lifestyle industry have manufactured their leather goods for a long time. The sector also draws together more than 100 auxiliary companies that supply factories with all necessary material.

Why you should choose betangible

You need the most professional, skilled people who can deliver the best results for your operation.

Years of experience have given us the advantage in reaching targets and results.

We know the market, the terms and techniques that work best in each situation, freeing our customers to focus on their core business strategies.

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