We are back!

We are back after a few days off! All the Betangible team has been able to enjoy a few days of vacation. Betangible opens its doors again and does so with recharged batteries.

After a short but well deserved break our workshop is back on track and operating at 100%! Before we left, we told you in the following post (What’s going on at Betangible? – Finishing production) that we were finishing productions for some customers. Now that we are back, new productions begin in the hands of our leather workers, making tangible the wishes of our clients.

Starting a new project is something that takes a lot of effort and hours of work. Choosing raw materials, scheduling time, ordering the final materials… However, this effort is always rewarded with the wonderful and high quality pieces that are produced.

Cutting machine

We are very pasionate about our work and the pieces that we make. That’s why, each project that we start is a new challenge that we must (and are eager to) face. This is one of the most special moments for us. A new creation starts, a new challenge and a new journey. We are doing our very best for our customers to get what they need. Our passion always leads us feel like part of their own project… THIS IS US …

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