Interview with… Gerhard Bodner

Interview with... Gerhard Bodner

Gerhard Bodner, created in 2018, is a leather accessories brand that stands out for the quality of its materials and manufacturing. It was founded by a former Austrian classical ballet dancer. His bags are handmade in Ubrique (Spain). Enjoy the Interview with… Gerhard Bodner!

Why did you decide to create the brand? Why leather accessories ? You produce your items in Ubrique, how did you know this place? And why did you choose it?

I moved from Vienna to the white village El Gastor, in the province of Cadiz, in 2012, following an interior design and landscaping project for an organic farm hotel. Searching for local materials and traditional manufacturing it did not take me long to discover Ubrique. It is only 40km away from where I live. Up here, in the mountains of the Sierra de Cadiz, everybody knows of Spain’s best kept secret .-)

It all started with a simple phone case made of vegetable tanned leather. A prototype which I touched, felt and used. I fell in love with the material instantly and had the desire and urge to learn and know more about the magic universe of leather!

It was in 2017 when I designed a Shopper Bag and some small items for the Hotel Shop and two wallets for an Austrian fashion brand. My passion and knowledge has grown since as well as I felt that I slowly started to develop my own specific style and characteristics. So, I thought why not launching my own brand now.

I am a big fan of people using beautiful, elegant, high quality items, of any kind, on a daily base, not only for the special occasion. Leather accessories are the perfect objects for my goal!

Tell me about your new collection : 20IES Marbella.

The new Collection reflects a summer in Marbella, the wild loud visible colorful crazy parties on one side and the ultra exclusive sophisticated hidden society on the other. They all enjoy Marbella on their own individual way, discreet on the outside and full of surprises on the inside or right away screaming “ here I am!”.

Interview with... Gerhard Bodner
Where do you see your brand in 5 years?

That’s a hard one to answer as I have only just launched my first GB collection: 20ies Marbella. 20ies Marbella is a collection of 5 Objects in 22 variations. My focus is ensuring the finest quality and sustainability. I see GB as a local and sustainable contemporary luxury brand. And that involves me spending time in Ubrique every couple of weeks as well as building personal relationships with the clients. It’s time-consuming, in the best possible way. However, in five years I’d like to see the GB products available through selected points of sale – public and private – in every European capital. I have my dreams and ambitions.

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