What’s going on at Betangible today? – Quality Control.

What's going on at Betangible Leather Goods today?

Here a new episode of What’s going on at Betangible Leather Goods today!

One week already since we have been doing Quality Controls and packing the finished bags for one of our customers. We are currently packing the whole collection in smaller expeditions that are shipped directly to the shops. Our team do all the Quality assurance inspections so that the products meet all the expectations. In the meantime, production is also taking place.

From the development of prototypes to final quality control, Betangible ensures careful and experienced attention to detail in all the productive process. All this is possible thanks to the constant and efficient commnunication with our customers.

In summary, this job makes us feel proud as it shows the trust and confidence our customer has in our company. We really enjoy showing our work day by day in What going on at Betangible Leather Goods today.

Finally, we want to remember you a previous post where we show “How to make a leather item… Finish process“. We share a video in which you can see two different steps of the process of finishing a leather item. The leather worker makes the last quality control and prepares the items.

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