What’s going on today at Betangible?

What's going on today at Betangible?

Here a new episode of What’s going on today at Betangible Leather Goods! Every single piece has a hard work behind, that’s why we are proud to show you how we work and how we enjoy it! We hope you enjoy it with us too…

Betangible merges the tradition of craftsmanship with the advancements of modern production of an artisanal item. Each member of our team is working at a different stage of the production process. It’s obvious to say that each stage is crucial for the final result.

As you can see in the photos, everyone is focused on their work. This is how we work here in Ubrique, Spain.

Moreover, communication is essential in a Leather Goods Manufacturing place. That’s why, we need to create a good atmosphere of trust and positiveness, which benefits the outcome of each project. Nowadays, in Covid-19 times, the use of masks at the workplace is also an element that communicates as we are determined to assure the protection and safety for our workers and clients.

Furthermore, What’s going on today at Betangible? It’s a topic that we really love showing you because we like sharing with you the things and work we are passionate about.

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