Special attention to the details… LOEWE Small Leather Goods

Special attention to the details

Leather Accessories requires a special attention to the details. Especially, small leather goods are items that need an extra attention. Today, we want to share with you this video by LOEWE where they speak about small leather goods.

We’re 100% agree with the main ideas of the video and we want to highlight some topics.

Firstly, never lose sight of the technical aspect. Creativity is very important in design but the technical part is crucial. Small leather goods must fulfill the functionality for which they were created. And as Itziar says, we’re only interested in well made stuff.

When crafting small leather goods we need to pay special attention to the details. Flaws are more noticeable in small pieces. That’s why a leather maker needs to have the expertise and knowledge about all the production process.

You never stop learning in this trade. Leather makers pass their knowledge from generation to generation. That’s why is important to work as a team and promote crafts. Craftsmanship is a “Trade” that needs trained and skillful people as we talked about this in a preivous post: “A new generation of artisans“.

We, as a leather good manufacturer in Spain, are committed to the quality and durability of the products we made.

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