Is this leather?…or… Is it not?. The “advantage” of ignorance

Is this leather?…or… Is it not?. The “advantage” of ignorance

Many people that are not familiar with the leather goods industry may wonder about how they can recognise high quality leather goods. The majority of consumers cannot distinguish between high quality leathers, mid-quality leathers and non-leather materials (PU leather-like materials). The same happens with the construction and finish of leather items. Should consumers know about this? Since they are lacking this knowledge… Should someone show them how to “evaluate” a leather product?… Could this be counter-productive for certain brands?

We strongly believe that knowledge is power. We like informed consumers that not only look at the emotional part of the product (mainly the brand), but also appreciate the details and the other tangible aspects of the leather product. Therefore, manufacturers and brands must work together in order that this message can get to final consumers. We should also train our sales force in this kind of things. A balance between emotional and tangible sales pitch… Don’t you think so?

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