A New Generation of Artisans

How was the Leather Goods Manufacturing Industry in 2020?

Craftsmanship is a “Trade” that needs trained and skillful people. In the current times, traditional trades are getting more and more attention and today we want to focus on the future of it; actually, on new generation of Artisans.

Crafts have always been linked to quality and excellence. However, today, this excellence is much greater thanks to the automation of some production processes; which provides consistency, facilitates work and shortens development times. Therefore, Innovation and Technology also play an important role in the industry.

Enrique Loewe has analyzed the value of craftsmanship and luxury today. As he said: “At Loewe, the role of craftsmanship in young people has been fundamental. We had to explain what crafts are in order to gain respect from them. We had a very positive response”.

The School of Leather Craftsmen in Ubrique, created in 2014 by local companies, is a private School to safeguard and teach our trade. It’s important to teach future generations the excellence and knowhow of our town; worldwide known and endowed with its own identity marks.

For all this, we want to point out the importance of creating a new generation of artisans.

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