The importance of craftsmanship linked to design and art.

craftsmanship linked to design and art

Today, following-up with our last post ‘Preserving Heritage Crafts‘, we want to talk about craftsmanship linked to design and art. In this matter, there is an organization, the World Crafts Council, whose objective is the promotion of crafts internationally. Besides, this non-profit association connects artisans around the world. Due to the fact that the items made in Ubrique are pactically handmade, we feel that we can play an important role in the pursue of the goals of this institution.

Furthermore, World Crafts Council Europe that’s the voice of millions of craft professionals, studios, workshops and manufacturers across Europe. Craft is very diverse as there are hundreds of specialised trades: textile, leather, jewellery, ceramics, glass, metal, woodworking and many more. Also, in their 40th anniversary, WCC-Europe undertook a survey to have a better picture of the challenges facing the crafts sector. The results of this survey provide the basis for this ‘Crafting Europe Manifesto and Action Plan’.

The action plan looks for solutions that will:

  • Recognise the contribution of craft to our European society, heritage, culture and economy.
  • Celebrate such a rich creative sector which connects human beings to the world around us and shows the way forward for sustainable development in local economies.
  • Provide supports to enable the sector to develop commercially.
  • Build the future through appropriate training provision to ensure transmission of skills to young people.
  • Foster all kinds of innovation to ensure the evolution of craft.
  • Raise awareness of the sector in order to promote, preserve and protect European craft heritage passed down through generations.

We, as a leather goods manufacturer in Spain, strongly believe in the value of crafts. We bet on a craftsmanship linked to design and art, always from our humble opinion and knowledge on this subject.

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