Shoppertainment. What is it about?


Fashion brands are always looking for new ways to engage with their audience with the ultimate goal of buying. There is a trend in e-commerce that has been possible thanks to social networks: shoppertainment. But, what is it about? And why are fashion and luxury brands creating this type of content?

A study carried out in Europe reveals the rise of streaming commerce. They found that 70% of respondents showed interest in Shoppertainment. This innovative live trading has its origins in China, where it’s very popular. However, the impact is also noticiable in European countries such as the United Kingdom, France, Poland and Spain.

This concept moves between e-commerce, entertainment and lifestyle to create a highly inmersive and interactive experience. Clients feel part of the project thank to content that is short, reliable, informative and presented by an influencer they like.

This type of shopping experience has suffered a greater boom in the pandemic while we were at home and consumed more hours of social networks. Burberry, for example, have recorded good results from their live events over the past year.


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