Luxury and augmented reality. The Burberry Experience

Luxury and augmented reality

There are many innovations that have appeared in recent years thanks to the advancement of technology. One of them is Augmented Reality. That’s why, today, we want to show you how fashion and luxury brands are using this technology. Luxury and Augmented reality.

Augmented reality combines the real world with the virtual one for a better understanding of the message. Therefore, we can say that augmented reality uses a set of technologies that allows us to visualize the real world through a device.

Luxury is always searching for surprising and creating an experience that connects with customers beyond a simple purchase. Accordingly, augmented reality offers this immersive experience and helps understand the scene.

One example of a fashion brand that has used this technology is Burberry. This British house launched their Pocket Bag for SS21 with augmented reality. This experience allows you ‘designing your own 3D Pocket Bag, inspired by the maritime theme of their SS21 campaign.’ In addition, on its website you can use augmented reality by placing the bags in their environment and view them at scale alongside other real-life objects.

Luxury and augmented reality

Luxury is using augmented reality more and more. Other brands like Salvatore Ferragamo, have launched an app with which to try on clothes and accessories thanks to augmented reality.

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