Fashion getting inspired by “Social Distancing”

Social Distancing

Masks, Gloves, washing your hands and Social Distance are the main visual and behaviour signs of the current sars-cov-2 Pandemic. However, Fashion Houses and Designers are looking at this reality by presenting their vision about how Physical Distancing can be represented. The designs are also contributing to keeping people at a safe distance. Therefore, we can say that fashion can also be seen as a “Social Distancing Tool”. In this post, we’ll show you some examples of how Fashion is getting inspired by “Social Distancing”.

18th Century basket dresses, Crinoline Skirts, large shoulder patches and oversized hats are some of the examples fashion brands are presenting for the current collections. A few months ago, these looks could be seen as ridiculous. But now, it might be the best outfit to ‘stay safe’.

We would just like to share some examples below:

Comme des Garçons in its Fall 2020 runway, Rei Kawakubo created looks that challenge the conventional and cause a reaction. Gravity-defying headpieces, exaggerated silhouettes, veils and geometric structures, merging the worlds of sculpture and fashion.

Comme des Garçons Fall 2020

Another example is Off White in its Fall/Winter 2020 with geometric and houndstooth prints, tulle skirts. Virgil Abloh letf behind Off White’s long streetwear reputation and presented a haute couture runway.

Off White Fall/Winter 2020

Galliano’s Fall 2020 offering for Maison Margiela featured interesting shapes and details, like detachable sleeves and headgear, like veils.

As a conclusion, we have seen in the last runways that Fashion is more and more getting inspired by “Social Distancing”.

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