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Types of leather

Choosing the correct materials is a very important part for a new collection. Designers need to have knowledge about materials and how they want their designs are made. When selecting the best types of leather for any application: bag, small leather goods or boxes; it is important to understand the different leather types produced today. There are some Leather Suppliers in Ubrique (Spain) like Font Palomas, Curtidos Zarco, Palomares Piel, Ubrileather, etc.

We are very lucky to have plenty of leather partners in our area. It’s possible to find almost every type of leather. Some of these types of leather are: vegetable, full grain, pebble, suede, nubuck, nappas, box-calf, zafiano etc. These leathers have different treatments and the leather making process may be very diverse. Also several of these suppliers have leather in stock, which means that we do not have to order a huge MOQ.

We invite you to research the different types of leather and if you have the opportunity come to visit some of these suppliers in Ubrique.

Types of leather
Types of leather

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