Effective Communication in a Leather Goods Manufacturing place

Functional Forniture

Communication is very important in any area of live, but we want to focus on the professional area. It needs to be a must, fluid and effective. Everything communicates, not only verbal communication between people. However, there is also “Communication” in the location, space and colours. In a leather goods manufacturing place effective communication must also happen. How do you feel in your workplace?

We always try to work in this matter, that’s why our new workshop is an open and diaphanous space. This favours interaction, learning and a faster feedback between people. It actually improves the relationship amongst workers and helps productivity.

Workers in communication

Even furniture can help to improve communication and efficiency. We, as a leather goods manufacturer, need so many worktables and shelves. That’s why all our furniture has wheels to make endless arrangements for different productions. We can change the distribution of the workplace and adjust to the needs of our customers, whether small or large quantities. We are lucky to have in town companies like Paco Bazan that offers modern and functional furniture.

In a previous post “More than a business… Betangible’s Logbook“. We talked about business within a good atmosphere of trust and positiveness is very beneficial for any project. In this post we were referring to the communication that is established between manufacturer-custumer.

All of the above is helpful to favour effective communication in a Leather Goods Manufacturing place.

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