José Luis Bazán: Ubrique Leather Master

José Luis Bazán (born in Ubrique) received an award from the Spanish Ministry of Industry for his appreciated creative work. He was awarded with the National Craft Prize last year. From his workshop in the town of Benaocaz, Pepe Bazán works leather in a thousand ways until he obtains exclusive pieces. His creations are demanded internationally by luxury brands and exclusive customers. The pieces he makes, from bowls, plates, exclusive lamps and other objects, are made of leather without any type of lining or reinforcement.

The vinculum between Pepe Bazán and leather began years ago. He was 14 years old when he started to learn from the savoir-faire of his elders. This knowledge has been perfected and he has developed techniques, such as the oxidation of materials so that leather can be shaped to its maximum degree of stretch without tearing or even wrinkling.

Pepe Bazán supports slow-fashion. He says that ‘I don’t believe in doing the same piece a thousand times. I prefer to do just one and do it amazingly well. I need time for each one because they are part of a process. Life is about joy, learning and transmitting your knowledge to the next generations. He also wants to give the “deserved importance to the artisans and their contribution to maintaining the guilds”, training the new generations so that “our legacy is not lost”.

(C) José Luis Bazán

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