Preserving Heritage Crafts


Leather Goods Manufacturing in Ubrique has such a rich balance between Crafts and XXI Century approach to business. All has to do with getting the positive values of crafts such as sustainability, uniqueness, quality and durability. Also, the benefits of developing a global business from a local perspective. This process of Glocalization helps the community by providing employment, decent labour conditions and ties the people to the region. In this post, ‘Preserving Heritage Crafts’, we want to show you the importance of a recent craft revival.

The importance of ‘Preserving Heritage Crafts’ is crucial in Ubrique as Leather Goods Manufacturing is the main driver of social-economy here. Encouraging a new generation of Leatherworkers is essential for the preservation and continuation of this artisan guild. It is hard to become a skillful Leatherworker because you need to have an adequate training linked to years of expertise.


The Radcliffe Red List of Endangered Crafts has identified more than 20 craft skills that are either extinct or critically endangered. Proudly, Leatherworking is classified as ‘currently viable’. The leather goods manufacturing guild treasures a good health and sufficient practitioners to transmit their skills to the next generation. We, together, must make a desired trade for both craftsmen and companies.

The artisan industry of Ubrique has centuries of history. You can discover more here: ‘Past and Present of Leather Goods Workshops in Ubrique‘. We showed you how the workshops used to be and how they are nowadays. We hope you enjoy this journey through time.

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