Leather Goods Manufacturers in Ubrique nowadays

In a previous post we wrote about the origins of the leather goods manufacturing industry in Ubrique (Spain). On that post we highlighted the key factors for the development of an industry whose foundations are the “Savoir-faire”, determination and passion of the workshops, factories and leather workers. Leather Goods Manufacturers in Ubrique nowadays.

After many years of history, the fashion designers and brands that visit our studio and workshops realise that those features are still present. From the point of view of “the product” itself, merging design and know-how in a proper way is the essence to create luxury leather goods. This is basically what we have been doing for the last 4 years, which has turned out to be very satisfactory for all the parties.

Most of the people that visit us usually say “the whole Leather Goods Manufacturing industry in Ubrique has got so much to offer to international customers”


Leather Goods Manufacturers in Ubrique nowadays.

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