Why is it urgent to invest in skilled job training?

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Nowadays, some of the traditional and skilled jobs are disappearing unfortunately. It can be because these jobs may not look attractive to the next generation of young workers. However, we believe that it is a perception problem. That’s why, we want to speak about: ‘Why is it urgent to invest in skilled job training?’

In our particular case, leather goods manufacturing requires people with qualified hand skills and this requires years of experience. Today, the reality is that there is a lack of qualified people… That’s why, we are investing in training programs for current workers and new talents.

Who will transmit this know-how to the future generation? It is urgent to act now to prepare for the future. In the current times, traditional trades are getting more and more attention. So, we must guarantee that there will be a new generation of artisans who are ready and trained for the challenges of the XXI century.

Betangible have recently signed an agreement with MOVEX, Leather Goods Technology Centre, by which our leather workers are receiving a training in technological advances applied to leather goods manufacturing, languages and team-work. As a matter of fact, we strongly believe that the main value of our trade is in the hands of our leather workers. Therefore, investing in training and wellness of both, current workers and the emerging talented younger generations, shows that our trade is “alive” and “looking towards the future”.

We hope you like this new post: ‘Why is it urgent to invest in skilled job training?’.

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