How to structure a Product Sheet

How to structure a Product Sheet

As we announced in a previous article, many of our followers asked us to write about the information that leather goods manufacturers need in order to present the information of each style in an organised way. Although there are other valid ways of making a product sheet, we would like to present you how we organise the information at Betangible .

The images below are just a rough design of the technical sheet. It only pretends to be a guide.



The first page should contain a general view of the style including the main measurements (HxWxD). Front, back and side view should appear. The technical drawing should contain as many details as possible.




Space for notes available









In the second page you should describe the materials that you want for your leather item (leatherliningmetal trims, …)Photos are always very useful, especially for metal accessories.


Space for notes available












In the next 3 or 4 pages you should unravel all the details in each of the views (front, back and side) and the measurements of the other pieces of the leather item (straps/handles, leather trims, thickness of the straps, …). You may also want to clarify any other aspects of any particular detail in each view (colour contrast, thread, …).


Space for notes available











References and/or inspirations are also very useful. You may want to include some pictures of some other products or scenery that inspired you. Here, you may also include any other references that may help in the construction of any particular detail in the leather item.


Space for notes available













On another page you may want to include other specifications about the style (stitches per centimetre, thickness of the rope in the handles, branding, …)


Space for notes available













If you want to use a customized canvas (or other fabric), this is the way you can present it.


Space for notes available







If you want us to send you a PDF file with the template of the product sheet, please fill in the “contact us” form and we will send it to you as soon as possible.

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