Your idea expressed on a piece of paper… The Product Sheet

Your idea expressed on a piece of paper… The Product Sheet

The Product Sheet is the document that contains the information that leather goods manufacturers need in order to make a leather item. Needless to say that a very detailed Product Sheet will facilitate the work of the manufacturer, the product will be made faster and the concept of the leather item will be interpreted in an easier way.
Sometimes, it is not easy to express an idea on paper. That’s why leather goods manufacturers also appreciate the inclusion of sketches and photos of the inspiration that led the designer design that particular item.

In another post, we will share the Product Sheet that we are using in our workshops and the information that we need from each leather item. For example:

Measurements (Front view, back view, side view, interior view) of the different parts of the leather item


Type of materials to use (leather, lining, metal trims, …)


Other instructions and details to take into consideration


How about you? What information do you include in the Product Sheets of your collections?


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