The Figure of the Leather Worker

The Figure of the Leather Worker

Plenty of fashion designers and brands have asked Betangible to find a leather goods manufacturer for them. There is a repeated reaction when they observe the way in which leather workers perform their work. The majority of these designers get impressed about the great care they take over their work. When we ask designers about their feedback, they say things like…

  • ·“I can see the passion they have for their work”
  • ·“¿How can they make it?”
  • ·“Now, I understand why …”
  • ·“The more I see, the more ideas come to my mind”

At Betangible, we are proud about the fact that many leading fashion designers and brands appreciate the work that is being performed in this area. For this reason, one may say that “Made in Andalusia” leather goods can be found in the best stores in the world.


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