Interview with… Antonio Gómez, product developer

Interview with… Antonio Gómez, product developer

In this fourth interview, the interviewee is a person that also belongs to Betengible’s team. He is the person in charge of the prototype and sample development. We hope you enjoy the interview..

Betangible: What do you do? What’s your speciality?

Antonio Gómez: Well, I am responsible for the prototyping and sampling area. I try to combine craftsmanship and engineering to help designers design products that people use every day. Therefore, I must be both creative and practical because, in the end, the leather pieces that we create must be sellable. We also help manufacturers in the production process when they have questions about the construction of certain parts of the lather item.

Betangible: How long have you been linked to the leather goods manufacturing industry in Andalsusia?

A. G. I started when I was only 13 years old. My father used to have a leather goods workshop in Ubrique  and he taught me almost everything I know about how to make leather goods. As an anecdote, I must tell you that the first thing I learnt was how to make the piping of a bag. I’ll never forget it.


Betangible: What type of leather item is more demanded by designers?

A.G. Without any doubt, “the bag is the king”. Women’s wallets are also quite demanded.


Betangible: What are the main issues you find in your work?

A.G. Raw material sourcing is getting more and more challenging. Nowadays, most suppliers do not use to stock as much material as they use to do in the past. This is due to the financial situation that most of the companies are facing at the moment. I must say that this is not helping any party evolved in this business but there is no much that we can do.


Betangible: What do you like the most about your work?

A.G. I love the fact that I hardly ever feel that I my work is monotonous. I also like to assist people, although sometimes it is not an easy task.


Betangible: so you think that designers and manufacturers appreciate what you do?

A.G. I do think so. They show it to be very often. I guess that people like to have a problem solver by their side.

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