How Fashion Brands are celebrating Pride 2020

How Fashion Brands are celebrating Pride in 2020

Every year, milions of people celebrate Pride around the world. Also, many fashion brands show their support to the LGBTQ+ community. That’s why we want to show you ‘How Fashion Brands are celebrating Pride 2020’.

June is the Pride Month, when the world’s LGBTQ community comes together and celebrate the freedom to be themselves. Celebrations begin on the 28th of June (Pride International Day), that commemorates of the Stonewall Riots. A wide program of cultural iniciatives and protest activities take place during this month. Not only the countries of almost the entire world celebrate this community days. Also, Fashion Brands are showing their support and offering visibility to this cultural group.

Unfortunately, many of these year’s traditional Pride events are unable to take place due to COVID-19, but technology will allow us to host some events online. We want to show you some roles of Fashion Brands in this matter and how they are celebrating Pride 2020!

  • TOMS: ‘Love is love’ is the slogan used by this brand in its Unity Collection that offer limited-edition footwear with prints from tie dye and rainbows.
  • Polo Ralph Lauren: Over the last 30 years, Ralph Lauren has been a longtime supporter of the LGBTQIA+ community.
  • Versace: a brand that has been supporting LGBTQ+ rights since its inception, has just launched ist latest capsule collection, dedicated to Pride Month.
How Fashion Brands are celebrating Pride in 2020

From Betangible team, we want to contribute showing our PROUD support to PRIDE.

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