5 Sings you’re working with the right manufacturer.

Sometimes, fashion brands may not know how their manufacturers are doing with their productions. Furthermore, lack of communication or transparency with your manufacturer can create some problems and affect the business seriously. In fact, manufacturing is like relationships. That’s why it is very important to create a relationship of trust between the two parties. In the following post we will show you 5 Sings you’re working with the right manufacturer.

Quality. The quality of your product must to be ‘excellent’, specially in the fashion and luxury world. It’s essential to know the production processes and materials used by your manufacturer.


Good communication. A fast feedback can improve the relationship between manufacturer and client. As well as, nowadays, certain tools and apps can help build an effective communication with your manufacturer. We spoke about this topic in a previous post called Technology and Communication at Betangible.

Real trust. Confidence are built over the years. However, a manufacturer has to believe in the project he is immerse in. They, manufacturer and client, must work together to understand each other better. Therefore, real trust can bring opportunities and prevent problems.

Reasonable prices. You can have an excellent product, but if the price is too high and you cannot sell it, what’s the point? Ideally, you must sell your products at a price that will allow you to earn a profit. That’s why you may ask your manufacturer wether a certain target price can be achieved. Again, transparency from both ends is very important here.

Responsibility and organisation. In the fashion industry, still today, manufacturing is very much a human process. So, occasionally, there may be mistakes. That’s why a manufacturer should be responsible and organised in their work. An organised workplace can greatly favour production and this will be positive for the client too.

We hope that this 5 Sings you’re working with the right manufacturer can help you to find a good patner.

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