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We can not deny that technology has improved the way we communicate. Particularly, as a Leather Goods Manufacturer, we think that the use of certain tools and apps can help build an effective communication with our clients. For this reason, we’re writing this post: Technology and Communication at Betangible Leather Goods.

We use technology every day to communicate with our customers. There are several tools that we use daily like email, call phone, whatsapp or Dropbox. On the contrary, we use other tools less frequently like Skype or Facetime. For example, when we want to solve a quick question, we normally send a Whatsapp message or make a phone call. However, when our customers confirm an order, send specification sheets for example, we prefer that they do it by email.

Betangible Office
Betangible office

On the other hand, tools like Skype or Facetime (videocalls), we normally use them in a first contact as we think that seeing other people’s faces is important. In this first contact, we want to know the project better and what they are looking for. Also, we use videoconference to resolve any questions that arise during the development of samples or production.

Nowadays, Technology and Communication go together and we have to adapt ourselves to these new technologies to offer a more professional and updated service to each client.

As you can see, communication is very important in our place. Here you have a previous post where we talk about “communication in a leather goods manufacturing place“.

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