Where is fashion going?

Where fashion is going?

Fashion is always changing, but, in the last years, we have experienced a transformation that follows a single way: Sustainatility. That’s why, we want to delve into: Where is fashion going?

Landfills full of clothes, throwaway garments and toxic substances; This is the current scene of Fast Fashion. An industry that, appart from polluting the environment, produces very poor quality clothing. That’s why some organizations are acting to prevent this situation.

The European Commission, for example, has spoken about this reality. The idea of the community organization is: ‘to implement energetic measures against this type of production through proposals to make more durable, reusable, repairable and recyclable pieces made in the EU territory ‘. In other words, apply sanctions for those who do not comply with the manufacturing requirements.

On the other hand, the brands themselves also advocate a more sustainable industry. The case of the H&M foundation, which celebrates the Global Change Award every year. This award ‘accelerates the transformation of fashion and is one of the biggest innovation challenges in the world of sustainable early-stage innovation’.

Where is the fashion going?

We can say emphatically that fashion leads to a much fairer and consistent industry.

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