What’s going on at Betangible today? – New productions

What's going on at Betangible

New productions are taking place in our factory right now. Despite the difficult and hard times that we are going through, the artisan hands and machines do not stop. The show must go on! Hope you enjoy this new ‘What’s going on at Betangible today?‘.

Our current customers are not just that… But, they are partners with whom we work to help their desings come true. It’s a matter of collaboration and trust in a business relationship. That’s why, we are so proud to tell you that our Betangible family growns! New clients are arriving and new productions are taking place. We feel part of their projects!

One of this recent clients is the new urban brand, 16U40. As they state, It’s a “Spanish based brand focus on the quality and durability of their leather fashion accessories under a contemporary and avant-garde aesthetic to bring functionality to your everyday life”. Their first collection is determined by a sustainable approach; both in the selection of the raw materials and, in the making of their pieces. They just produced a small run. They use Spanish grain leather and RPET lining (made from recycled plastic bottles). We are so proud to be part of such a current times story.

What's going on at Betangible

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