A new quality consumption trend?

A new quality consumption trend?

Covid-19 has changed our lives in every aspect, but is it also changing how we consume? Are we more aware of what we buy and how we do it? Is there a new quality consumption trend?

Nowadays, certain consumption habits are back and we can say that this responsible consumption is growing. The current pandemic has shown our strong dependence on the outside (outsourced products). Thanks to this, a consumer is becoming more concerned about buying sustainable, durable and locally produced products; or produced in nearby regions or countries.

A new quality consumption trend?

The ‘Made in Spain’ must be on the rise more than ever. We must bet on local and sustainable sourcing or materials. A good example of sustainability is the Spanish footwear and accessories brand Unisa. This company has developed a material obtained from recycled plastic bottles.

On the other hand, online sales are booming. That’s why, online purchases have doubled their sales compared to last year. In contrast, fashion experts say that fashion has a very important face-to-face component that we cannot lose. This is also true as the “physical thing” cannot be substituted by any other way of experiencing the action of buying a fashion item. However, we must all be flexible and adapt ourselves to the current times.

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