What’s going on at Betangible today?

What's going on at Betangible

Here is a new chapter of “What’s going on today at Betangible?”. We will show you what is happening Right Now in our factory. Almost Live broadcasting 😉

The factory is now like a rainbow… There are so many different bright colours of leathers being cut, skived, assembled… Also, working we are using a few different leather types such as nubuck, pebbled and smooth leathers. Sourcing and advising on raw materials is one of the things in which we can help our customers. As you probably know, it’s essential to know the production processes and materials used by your manufacturer. In this matter, we always try to bring the entire production process closer to our client, so that they know what’s the situation about theirs orders at all times.

You can find below some photos of What’s going on today at Betangible.

Paco, our cutter, is focusing today in cutting the reinforcements for an order of structured bags that we must finish by begining November. In a post from last year, we talked about boxes and estructured bags. Even today, it is still a trend in the Fashion Accessories Industry.

Raúl and Pepe, as always, are immersed in the development of the new products. “It is so much fun. This is the fun part of this business !!!” They just said… 😉

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