“Uncommon” Leather Accessories

"Uncommon" Leather Accessories

There are several leather types: suede, nubuck, tumbled, smooth, grain leather… You can create everything you can imagine picking the right leather type. Just let your imagination fly! That’s why Leather is a material that can be used for almost any type of product. Today, we want to talk about some “Uncommon” Leather Accessories.

An example of these Uncommon Leather Accessories that we delight are Leather Bowties. There are some brands that have produced original and very high end quality bow ties. L’Homme de Cuir is a sofisticated man brand inspired by the Parisian culture. All their products are made of the finest French lamb leather.

Leather Bowties - L'homme de cuir

Another (quite trendy at the moment) product is Leather Hair Barrettes. Women use commonly this Hair barrettes for their functionality. However, women have now another choice. Leather Hair Barrettes add a stylish touch to this functional aspect. Today, some Luxury Fashion Houses are introducing this product category in their collections. In addition, these creations are becoming objects of desire for women who are looking for distinction and style and comfort.

You can see some samples of these Leather Hair Barrettes below.

Finally, Jewellery made of leather is other good example. We talked about this matter in a previous post. Hope you enjoy it!

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