Nantív, Leather Goods that we delight

Nantív is a fashion bag brand founded in New York in 2015 by Adriana Gómez. Currently, they produce their leather bags in Europe with the finest materials. As a result, their leather accessories have the values and knowhow of European leather goods manufacturing. Nantív, Leather Goods that we delight.

Adriana Gómez, designer and CEO of Nantív, travelled around the world where she designed forniture collections for her private store. Then, she moved to New York where she noticed that fashion, especially luxury handbags, was full of sameness. That’s why she founded Nantív. Their designs are inspired by the “flow”, that is, the bags should flow. In her own words: “the leather accesories should compliment human movements and attitudes. I believe in flow, in living fully in every moment. That’s why I study movement, gestures, and nuance. I want Nantív bags to move the way women do, with elegance and confidence. So they can be present. So they can flow”. This lifestyle motivates and inspires the handbags that she produces.

We really like the construction of their styles. They are functional and simple. Nantív Bags have an excellent desing that combines quality and minimalism. For these reasons, Nantív is a good example of Leather Goods that we delight.

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