The new Contemporary Crafts. Loewe and Sotheby’s.

Contemporary Crafts

Luxury and fashion brands have always been, in some way, linked to handcrafts. However, crafts today are not the same thing as what they were in the past. Crafts have also evolved thanks to new techniques, materials and tools over the years. Definitely, it’s what we call the new Contemporary Crafts.

Loewe is one of the fashion brands that has always bet on the know-how and quality of their pieces. As Jonathan Anderson, creative director of the firm, has expressed: ‘Craftsmanship is one of my main interests, and I have made it the core of Loewe’s identity’. For this reason, Loewe together with Sotheby’s have sealed its commitment to handcrafts. That’s why, they are presenting a collection of traditional pieces designed by a selection of artists.

This new collection is made up of vases that are woven with materials such as leather and raffia. Many of these materials are surplus from past collections of the fashion brand. As Anderson said: ‘Authentic crafts must be sustainable’.

contemporary crafts

The pieces will sell at a price set by the digital market in BUY NOW of Sotheby’s.

As we can see, contemporary crafts are evolving and changing over time. New sustainable materials offer endless opportunities to expand designers’ creativity.

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