Crafts Made in Andalucia.

Handcraft made in Andalucia

Since last week, Andalusian crafts have a distinctive seal. A trade that plays a very important role in towns like Ubrique. That’s why the Government of Andalusia has created this promotional brand: ‘Crafts made in Andalucia‘.

This new umbrella brand has been created to promote and encourage all the handmade trades in Andalusia and, also, to highlight the distinctive values of a HandMade in Andalusia item. The 7.000 Andalusian artisan companies (18% of the whole Country) not only contribute to the GDP of the Region, but also their creations transcend to other fields such as culture, art and tourism.

Handcraft made in Andalucia

Of course, there is not denying that Ubrique has a unique and recognized artisan industry carved for centuries. All kinds of leather accessories (bags, small leather goods, jewelry boxes, belts, etc ) are manufactured here and sold all over the world. Some of the reasons of this worldwide prestige are:

  • the quality and respect of each piece made in Ubrique
  • the confidentiality and respect for each project
  • professionalism
  • meeting delivery times
  • digitization and automation of the industry, which has helped to shorten production times

As a conclusion, we’re very proud to be part of this artisan industry and the recognition this deal provides. ‘Crafts made in Andalucia’.

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