The dress everyone is talking about.

Paris Fashion Week

Coperni fashion show went viral on social networks thanks to a dress made with spray. Keep reading to know more about the dress everyone is talking about.

Last weekend, the leading fashion houses showed their collections before the attentive gaze of the Parisian public. It was Coperni who made one of the best performances ever seen on a runway at Paris Fashion Week. The model Bella Hadid appeared on the catwalk and several people began to do what a fist sigth seemed like a ‘simple’ body painting. The designers sprinkled the spray containing a foamy substance on her body. A short time later, the substance froze and transformed into a fabric that moved to Bella’s rhythm.

Paris Fashion Week
Paris Fashion Week

Fabrican is the company that has created this new thecnique. A materials science company found by Spanish fashion designer and scientist Manel Torres. Fabrican is a patented instant, sprayable, non-woven © Spray-on fabric, based in London, at the London Bioscience Innovation Centre.

Here, we have another example of how science and technology help to create as many innovative materials as more efficient production processes.

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