Quality is the first step towards sustainability

Nowadays, Spain generates 23 kilos of textile waste per inhabitant and year. This waste mainly comes from low quality clothes which we can normally wear for just one season. That’s why, we think that quality is the first step towards sustainability.

The consumption of fast fashion has a considerable impact on the waste we generate. Fast Fashion consists in rotation, that is, changing collections every few days or weeks. Even some studies have concluded that rotating fashion collections every few days increases their desire to buy. This contributes to the sense of opportunity or, in other words, to FOMO (fear of missing out).

On the contrary, more and more fashion brands implement sustainability estrategies to generate a positive impact on society. The circular economy and the reuse of waste to create new products are some of the strategies used by fashion brands. However, we think that producing quality products with a longer life span would help reduce mass consumption and, therefore, waste.

The quality of the leather goods made in Ubrique have a reputation forged over years and years. Ubrique is not based on mass production. In fact, the quality of the manufacturing is the most important thing. The ‘know-how’ and our handmade heritage that Ubrique treasures have a renowned industry chosen by high-end and luxury fashion brands to manufacture their leather goods.

Quality is the first step towards sustainability

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