Weturn: circular economy

Here, a new episode about circular economy. Clothing or fashion accessories that we don’t use anymore may have a second or, even, a third value. That’s why, today, we want to speak about the company Weturn.

The entry into force of the Agec Law on the 31st of December in France, has led to the appearance of new companies that think about new ways of producing. This law, among other things, forbid the destructions of unsold goods. Forced by this, the fashion industry is reorganizing and transforming its approach to this reality. However, this is moving very slowly, frankly speaking.

Weturn is a good example. They recycle unsold textiles from fashion houses into new quality yarn, with a focus on traceability, profitability and information. As they say on their website: “high quality cones of yarn, obtained by a specific sorting method upstream. The collection of weturn threads meet the requirements of the sector and has been developed by a team of in-house textile engineers”.

Circular economy

In conclusion, we think that the main goal is to reinforce circularity as part of the fashion ecosystem. However, there is still a lot to do.

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