Boxes and structured bags

Smythson Jewellery

Boxes and structured bags are more than ever in luxury shops. Jewellery cases, suitcases, mini box bags and accessories like desktop sets are some examples of leather items that can be made in Ubrique. These products are made with a high quality and luxury materials like leather, suede, brass hardware, silver or precious crystals.

Today we will talk about some well-known brands that sell this types of products.

Smythson is a British brand of luxury stationery, leather goods, diaries, and fashion products based in London, England. We really love their glasses cases and watches cases.


Another example is Aspiral of London. They offer the most beautiful, elegant and refined designs of superior quality. In their New SS19 collection we can see some rigid and estructured bags and table games, like the Monopoly game in the following photo.

Aspiral of London

We can’t finish this post without talking about Asprey, a British luxury brand whose values are quality, innovation and refinement. They offer the most exquisite craftsmanship in a diversified product mix of silver, leather, jewellery and timepieces. We have highlighted the structured suitcase, the jewellery box and the desktop set in the image below.


Boxes and structured bags.

We remember a old post whit the making of a box-shape leather bag.

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