The Leather Manifesto

Leather Manifesto

The International summit on climate change (COP27) took place last November in Sharm el-Sheij, Egypt . 200 countries from all over the world came together with the main goal of limiting human emissions of greenhouse gases. The ultimate goal is to stop global warming and environmental deterioration. In this context, a group of organizations related to the leather industry has presented The Leather Manifesto.

The Manifesto asks the leaders of the COP27 to recognize the role of materials such as leather. “Leather is a natural material, made from a raw material that appears as waste from the food production that we all need.Therefore, leather…

  • respects the role of livestock in soil regeneration,
  • avoids the waste of an inevitable by-product,
  • leads to the production of durable and easily disposable products.

We can say that leather can help limit the damage caused by synthetic based materials in fossil fuels. Leather, which is produced from waste from the food chain, conforms to the current demands of circular economy. These unique features make leather a natural, renewable and biodegradable material with no substitute (so far).

Leather Manifesto
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