New Materias: fungus-based “leather”

We live on a planet with limited resources, so Science is looking for alternative sustainable materials for a greener future. That’s why we want to talk about one of our favorite topics: New Materials.

Argentine researchers have developed an innovate material similar to leather. This material is 100% biodegradable and comes largely from grape pomace.

New Materias: fungus-based leather

According to these researchers, the use of this material prevents environmental pollution and favors the circular economy. The development of this alternative of leather is still in its early stages, but the idea in the short term is to be able to create panels that can be used to make accessories such as bags, wallets or belts.

The Fashion Industry is always looking for greener alternatives that help our environment. Thanks to the fusion of fashion and technology, new materials, processes and techniques are born. Furthermore, these new and vegan materials drive the fashion industry towards a more inclusive future where new public can be represented by the ethos of the Brand.

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