The Leather Goods Manufacturing Industry in Spain. Last year’s figures.

Following the topic, The Leather Goods Manufacturing Industry in Spain, ASEFMA has published a new report about the leather industry in Spain.

According to the last annual directory in 2019, the production registered an increase of 2,18% with 2.106,8 millions of euros. Employment has also increased by 3,49%.

Regarding the number of companies, the number also increased by 0,74% registering a total of 1.636 compared to the 1.624 registered in 2018.

Exportations improved by 4,62% reaching 996,3 million euros which represents 47,28% of the production. While imports continue to exceed our sales abroad. Last year, they increased by 11,44%.

Unfortunately, the consumption of these products in the national market (within Spain) remains stagnant. This is due to the fact that a large part of small businesses and retailers have disappeared.

We can say that there has been a recovery in production compared to the previous year. This recovery has been evident in areas like Ubrique where the production for high end fashion brands have really increased.

Bags are still the most manufactured product, followed by Small Leather Goods and Belts.

The Leather Goods Manufacturing Industry in Spain

Regarding sales abroad, France was our main buyer, followed by Italy, United Kingdom, Portugal and Japan.

How is the Leather Goods Manufacturing Industry in Spain?

With regards the number of companies per region (Spain), Andalusia is in first place with 442 companies, followed by C. Valenciana, Cataluña and C. de Madrid.

How is the Leather Goods Manufacturing Industry in Spain?

As a conclusion, 2019 was a good year for leather goods manufacturers in Spain (Ubrique in particular). We really hope that the current situation after COVID19 does not affect our businesses dramatically.

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