According to the last annual directory in 2017, the production increased in 3,46% with 2.023,42 millions of euros. This increase has become visible in areas like Ubrique, where well known/luxury brands returned to produce here after moving their production to Eastern countries.

Exports have grown as well with an increase of 3,76% and 951,4 million, as you can see in the following graphic.

Exports leather goods
Exports leather goods

Bags are the the most produced leather articles with the highest percentage 54,22%. Next, we can find small leather goods with 16,14%, belts with 8,15% and other leather products with 11,16%.

The most produced leather articles
The most produced leather articles

In 2017, our main buyers were: France (291,28 millions euros). Italy (80,34 millions euros). Portugal (58,72 millions euros) and United Kingdom (54,87 millions euros).

Main buyers
Main buyers

The number of companies has also increased (0,68%) in 1.616 companies.

With regards of number of companies per region (Spain), Andalusia is in first place with 424 companies.

Andalusia is the region with more leather companies
Number of companies per region

In 2017, we can see that economic progress has been relatively superior to 2016. This can be thanks to our great reputation in quality, savoir faire, tradition and design. Luxury and High end brands look for these main skills. Ubrique is the perfect place where they can produce their articles.

Source ASEFMA.

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