The last days of the year

The last days of the year

Betangible team is working hard in the last days of the year. Christmas deliveries are already finished and sent… Year 2021 is also coming to an end.

After an uncertain year 2020, our 2021 has been full of work and motivation. As some of you already know, this year there have been some new recruits, so the Betangible team has grown so that we can shape our factory to the demands of our clients and the market. Leather Goods Manufacturing requires processes that combines the use of technology and crafts. That’s why, we have the most skilled people working here 😉

We’re very happy and proud… Although we believe that there is always space for improvement 😉 Therefore, we hope that The New Year brings us new challenges that we can overcome.

We wish the best to all the people who make our work possible (coworkers, clients, suppliers and friends).

The last days of the year

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

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