Sustainable Leather Forum

Sustainable leather forum

Next 12th of September the Sustainable Leather Forum will take place. The French National Leather Council will focus on the challenges on sustainability and the development of a more sustainable and creative industry.

The expectations of the consumers for more information during their purchases have changed in the recent years. Fashion brands, as well as end consumers, pay more and more attention to values based on sustainability and innovation. That’s why there are more and more events and conferences under this theme.

The Sustainable Leather Forum will show best practices in the leather sector in the areas of Corporate Social Responsibility, from a social, envionmental and economic perspective. Some of the issues we deal with are:

  • preserving expertise,
  • local and regional production,
  • protection of natural resources,
  • animal well-being,
  • short supply chains,
  • respect to the value chain.

Anyone who works in the fashion, leather, footwear, leather goods and luxury sectors can be part of the Sustainable Leather Forum. You can surf their website if you want to obtain more information about this sector. How are the rules of the “game” changing recently?

Sustainable Leather Forum

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