Steve Mono, Leather Goods that we delight.

Leather Goods that we delight

We are always searching for new fashion brands that are fresh and different. That’s why, we try to show you new brands in these posts: Leather Goods that we delight. Today, we want to talk you about the Spanish brand: Steve Mono.

Steve Mono was founded in 2007 on the idea of reinterpretating classic leather goods accessories for a modern lifestyle. We can say that it’s a contemporary Spanish brand because it drinks from the Spanish culture and art. Furthermore, all their leather accessories are made in Spain.

Actually, we’re talking about this brand now because they just launched their online store in the middle of the pandemic. As Gonzalo Fonseca, founder of Steve Mono, says: “things have suddently changed for small brands. We have to adapt to many things: in the way of working, selling, communicating, serving orders… The online store was born as another way of sale and communication”.

Online platforms have become a resource not only to sell, but also to connect with your community of followers for many small business entrepreneurs. Consumers look for more and more brands with which he feels identified.

Leather Goods that we delight

Finally, we want to remenber you a previous post where we spoke about this brand: Nantív, Leather Goods that we delight.

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