New materials: Cactus Leather

Cactus Leather - Desserto

Two Mexicans have designed a new material made of cactus, a typical plant of North America. This new material is going around the world because it’s free of toxic chemicals, phthalates and PVC. It has a durability around 10 years and it’s saves up-to 20% of the water required for traditional leather production.

Finally, after years of research and development, the two Mexicans finished marketable cactus leather in 2019. Its brand name is Desserto. Cactus leather becoming an ecological and sustainable alternative.

We can say that it can be a very competitive material in the Fashion Industry because this vegan material has met all the standards of quality, durability, resistance and elasticity. Also, this “leather” can be made in different thicknesses, colours and textures. It’s soft to the touch and breathable, which closely remember animal leather.

Some Fashion Accessories brands have already used this materials for their designs. Miomojo is an accessories brand that produce innovative, cruelty-free products like this clutch bag made of cactus leather.

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